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Horrible tornado video. I am no storm chaser, I definitely do NOT like twisters.

This tornado was horrific. I hope I NEVER EVER see a real tornado!!


Storm video is intense and downright scary.




Tape Found Of F-5 Tornado


The link to the tornado video is located at the top of the left-hand navigation bar.



Storm chasers put their lives on the line to give the rest of us advance warning.


KXAN First Warning Weather Center's Jim Spencer has new evidence of how dangerous their job can be. This evidence is incredible.


(This story is best when you watch the video linked on the left side.)


The video tape is from our sister station, KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, and it's just been discovered after being lost May 3, 1999 during the worst tornado outbreak in Oklahoma history.


Photojournalist Marc Dillard and meteorologist David Payne chase the super twister.


Pounding rain drops announced the storm. A storm that would make history.


The storm grew. It was destined to become the first F-5 to hit a major city.


Storms make their own path, and chasing them is a challenge. When marked roads give way to dirt, maps provide few clues.


As the storm chasers got closer, the storm grew. And so did their sense of its deadly intent.


The chasers themselves felt the fury of the storm first hand.


The images of what they found moments later will forever be with Dillard and Payne. It had looked like a bomb had gone off.


It was the fastest wind ever recorded on Earth at 318 mph that wiped out everything in its path.


Forty-four people died. Seven hundred and fifty people were injured and more than 10,000 homes destroyed.


The storm chasers even helped pull survivors from the devastation.



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