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Katrina Listings


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These are listings of various websites, blogs and other resources concerned with Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.






Katrina Aftermath -related Blogs






Poems written by, for or about the victims of Hurricane Katrina.




Katrina Disaster Blog





CBS NEWS: Disaster on the Gulf Coast










Evacuation Shelters




Decaying Bodies Abound In Low Lying St Bernards

(EUSWX Thread)










More will be added.




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WRAL.com's Hurricane Katrina COVERAGE



WRAL's Gulf Coast Diary





Main page



Katrina-Related Blogs

Want to make a suggestion about a Katrina-related blog we should add to this list? Then send us an email to ralnews@ibsys.com.


WWLTV -- "Updates as they come in on Katrina" blog mainted by the WWLTV station in New Orleans. http://www.wwltv.com/local/stories/WWLBLOG.ac3fcea.html


Duke Medicine Relief Team Blog -- "This blog provides a forum for Duke Medicine volunteers serving with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts to update members of the media, colleagues and each other." http://dukemedteams.blogspots.com


Katrinacane -- A group of friends from New Orleans chose not to evacuate the city in advance of Hurricane Katrina, and they share their experiences in this blog. http://www.livejournal.com/users/katrinacane/friends


Michelle Malkin -- A person "clips" news articles related to Hurricane Katrina. http://www.michellemarkin.com


MetBlogs -- Multiple people blog from New Orleans. http://neworleans.metblogs.com


Kay's Hurricane Katrina Blog -- Kaye Trammell, an assistant professor of mass communication at Louisiana State University, blogs from Southern Louisiana. http://hurricaneupdate.blogspot.com


GulfSails -- A person "located in New Orleans" who decided to "ride out Hurricane Katrina with a generator, some beer and the ability to post via phone after we lose hardlines." http://gulfsails.blogspot.com


Survival of New Orleans Blog -- "This journal exists to share firsthand experience of Hurricane Katrina her aftermath with anyone interested." http://www.livejournal.users/interdictor


Flickr's Katrina Photos -- Explore photos related to Hurricane Katrina. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/katrina


Electric Mist -- author Toni McGee Causey keeps a daily journal from Baton Rouge. http://www.electricmist.net


Eyes on Katrina -- A South Mississippi Hurricane Journal maintained by writers and editors at the Sun-Herald newspaper.http://eyesonkatrina.blogspot.com


Live from Louisiana: A Hurricane Bloggers Person Journal -- "Starting out as a 'storm journal,' the blog has since morphed into an resource for coping with the catastrophic." http://www.hurricane-katrina.org


CBS News Katrina's Disaster Blog -- "A running list compiled by CBSnews.com staffers of the latest developments in the Katrina disaster." http://www.cbs.news.com/stories/2005/08/31...ain807164.shtml


AmericaHelpsKatrina -- "Information and resources to help you help others." http://www.americahelpskatrina.org


Katrina Help -- A news and information resource updated daily about aid, donations and volunteer efforts. http://katrinahelp.blogspot.com



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What every Katrina victim should know

Assistance is available to help with your money, your health, your home and your job.

September 16, 2005: 1:54 PM EDT

By Jeanne Sahadi, Les Christie and Jessica Seid, CNN/Money staff writers




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