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ScienceWeather UPGRADE to v2.1.0


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Welcome to ScienceWeather's new upgraded forums. This is a new board that is being hosted on the Invisionzone servers. This board has been upgraded from the old version 1.3.1, to the week-old version 2.1.0.


Edit, 653pm Oct 13 2005:

The new board and upgrade was ordered Aug 8 at 7pm but the board was not completed until 708pm on Monday, Aug 19. Just thought I'd add that tidbit tonight while I was thinking about it.





All the files on the old version 1.3.1 forums were transferred to this new board as of 708pm tonight, September 19 2005. My very first logon to this new, upgraded board was at 1015pm tonight.


I will be posting the first new posts to this board shortly.


The old board is still in existence but we are transitioning to this new board as of tonight. The old board will remain but I will be using this board from now on. The old board has 2806 posts; this board will start with 2806 posts and go on from there.


The graphic files were not transferred from the old board, but I will be transferring them manually over time.




1021pm September 19 2005





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