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Welcome to our new Nexus Switchboard Complex.


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I have decided to share some of the links from my numerous other websites here at ScienceWeather. Therefore, I have created this new Nexus Switchboard Complex for the general public to browse through and to enjoy. The Nexus Switchboard Complex (NSC) is a developing network of related pages in this forum that will be uniquely linked to each other for ease of access to all pages within the developing NSC network.


I also hope to demonstrate the possibilities of inter-page networking within a forum on this board. Later, I may develop inter-forum networking here at ScienceWeather, and still later on, inter-networking between this board and other boards.


Guests and members alike will be able to read and use the links within this network of pages, but only administrative management will be permitted to post within the NSC network at the present time.



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