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I'll be posting some EUSWX posters' Sigs here.



Bombogenesis Maximus



Bombogenesis is cyclogenesis taken to the extreme. Bombogenesis is defined as a mid-latitude (30°N - 60°N) low pressure system that drops in surface barometric pressure by 24 or more millibars (mb) in a 24 hour period. Generally, these storms maintain a steady pressure drop of 1 mb every hour. The isobars, which are lines of equal pressure, pack around the center of rotation and the number of them increases rapidly in the developing stages. This is what is meant when a storm “bombs out”. It intensifies very quickly when the central pressure drops and the storm deepens. In the winter you will often see very strong winter storms appear in previously clear areas when a cold air mass meets the Gulf Stream. In mid-latitudes, when a storm of this type forms, it is known as cyclogenesis. A very rapid cyclogenesis is called bombogenesis.






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WintersGrasp (circa Feb 25 2007)


And he who is the God

of an infinite shape and faces,

ever weaving fates of life

upon the pattern of his traces

In the Golden Dawn of Winter

he'll stand risen from the night

in serenity all solemn

clad in moonlight's milky white







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