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American Weather Forums started on or about Nov 12 2010.


EUSWX was reset sometime before Nov 12 2010.




This is my first American Wx Forums sig of note:


Circa Dec 22-30 2010



Killer cold/snowy December for the East thanks to a MONSTROUS Blockbuster -NAO/-AO combo lasting thru January 2011! BRING IT ON!!! Hell Yeah!! Lovin' this atypical La Nina!

Dec 15: High 32 Low 9 Dewpoint 0 degrees

Dec 16: High 25 Low 13 Dewpoint 12 then 20 in the snow; Dec 16: 2 inches snow, Low 20s conds.

Profound surface frigidization evident; many ponds frozen. Don't try to ice skate on 'em yet though

Save yourself a lot of unnecessary worry - If the model solution you want (the snowy solution) is complicated - It likely won't verify.

That being said..this is a very fragile setup. I've said it several times. Somebody can sneeze near the MS river and mess up the phase. earthlight

Get over the bust. There is potential on the horizon but make no mistake...winter patterns tend to repeat themselves. We could easily get screwed again this winter the exact same way. Get tough and grow some skin. We are going to need it. Ji







MJW 155

Meh, this has been going on since before WWBB. He can't handle being criticized. He's arrogent and condescending but when he's wrong, he runs for the hills. It goes both ways. I mean every Met is wrong from time to time. It's human nature. But DT will openly mock people for not understanding his thoughts and when it's wrong he does not know how to admit it.


I think he's entertaining and I never really had problems with him. But as an outsider looking at what he goes through, he reaps what he sows sometimes. He did it on ne.weather, WWBB, Eastern and now here. It's a broken record.



Edjamacating myself while sucking the life out of people.




Kach posted a pic of the snow on American WxForums



Pic has been saved to PICS.





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