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October 13



Well today in Woodbridge VA dawned chilly and overcast with light rain. We picked up less than a tenth of an inch. Our overnight low was 43 degrees, our high today was 63 degrees. Winds were NNW at 2 to 5mph, G 7mph. DP was 47 degrees. Light rain fell into the early afternoon, variably cloudy into evening.




Buda TX hit 80 degrees for a high, their low this morning was 63. The DP there is 63 degrees. They got hit by a cold front today; that brought some storms, some of which were severe. They picked up a quarter-inch of rain. They will be cooling down a bit; I think it's tomorrow night they will dip into the MID 40S!!!!!!



Nags Head NC is in for some windy weather in the next couple of days. Today they were cloudy with a high of 77 degrees and their low this morning was a nice 63 degrees!! The dewpoint there was 72 degrees!!!


WOW!!!! The OBX enjoyed 77/72 T/Td conditions!!! Just perfect for a nice jebwalk!! :) They picked up less than a tenth of an inch of rain. Their winds were SE at 10 to 20mph with gusts to 24mph.


On Friday it will be very, very windy on the OBX!!! Friday they will have SW winds at 10 to 15mph, then 25 to 35 mph Friday afternoon, then Friday night the winds will increase to 35 to 45 mph!!!

Watch out for beach erosion, higher than normal tides, blowing sand and blowing sea foam!!!



That'll be a wrap for today!!

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