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There are always assholes on internet boards who threaten people.


littleiceage is one such cretin.


I am seriously considering contacting the police here in Woodbridge VA and in the part of New Jersey where he lives after he sent me a totally ignorant PM tonight.







I agree 100%. littleiceage is one of the contenders of the 2006 Weenie Award.





Updating the EUSWX Wiki. Done.



Unless your sure that you've got me figured out, It might do you well to SAY NO MORE. If you you really wanna continue to get personal than just ask and I'll be happy to give you my number and we could discuss this at a more personal level.Or if you live in or around NJ ill give you my address--It's your call. Might save you money on anytiime minutes?


I advise the less hostile course be taken. Do you concur?








I keep records on all assholes I meet on the Internet, its always a good idea just in case these slimeballs turn out to be a real psycho, the kind you hear about in the news often. Besides, you don't know, he really could be serious and I interpreted his PM as a real personal threat. There are news stories on the Net as well as in printed media such as newspapers about people first sending violent messages on the Internet then subsequently committing acts of violence.


I have searched and read all littleiceage's posts at EUSWX, he had all of 23 posts as of 1205am Feb 4 2006. Some of his posts are little more than cut and pastes off of other weather bb's such as Net Weather, some of his posts are very close to what one could call "normal". Most of his posts are not of this kind:




That post, which littleiceage posted on Jan 5 2006 at 11:24 PM, is definitely NOT typical of his posts. He used numerous technical words that were very long. The post reminds one of the way Typhoon Tip posts at EUSWX. But for littleiceage, this kind of post is way, way out of character. I found it irritating because I got the feeling that littleiceage posted all the big words to act like Typhoon Tip and I found it irritating to say the least. This kind of posting insults my and others' intelligence.



So I placed his name on the weenies' list on the EUSWX Wiki. So what? The wiki is for FUN, its nothing serious. His PM to me tonight indicates that littleiceage is on drugs, drunk or could be suffering from a serious mental disorder such as schizophrenia and/or be psychotic. Frankly, I am very concerned about his health. I hope littleiceage is just a child or a teenager, it would be dreadful if he turned out to be a full grown adult whether a young adult or a middle aged man. Imagine a full grown man so out of touch with reality that he feels it is important to post like Typhoon Tip in order to feel important/vindicated. Hence my concern about the PM, again, it indicates an individual with serious drug abuse, alcohol and/or severe mental disorders.








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