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New Northwest storm looms


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The radar is sparse now but changes are on the way.

3:17 P.M. ET 12/3/2004


R. Hulecki, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



A clipper system will swing through the Northeast and off the coast by morning. There were some reports of heavy snow in Portland, Maine and moderate snow downwind of Lake Ontario. The snow will decrease in coverage and intensity as the evening progresses.


A winter storm system is approaching the Northwest today with an estimated arrival time during the evening hours tonight. This storm will bring a new round of mountain snow and valley rain to the Northwest region and eventually to much of the West. As the storm travels from western Washington and Oregon and heads south through California during the next two days, the cold air that will sweep in behind the system will lower snow levels of the many mountain ranges (Cascades, Sierras, Siskiyous) to between 1000 and 2500 feet. Winter storm watches are posted for the Washington Cascades with heavy snow warnings for the mountains of eastern Washington, the Panhandle of Idaho, and western Montana. It is appearing that a new good dumping of fresh snow will add to an already vibrant ski season. Another good outcome from this storm you ask? Finally, the trapped pollutants in the stagnant air of the valley along with persistent dense fog will dissipate and clear out as the atmosphere mixes.


Once again this morning the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and Southern California experienced below average temperatures and in some instances record breaking lows. Gunnison, Col and Grand Junction, Col have both seen record lows over the past 5 days. Some cities in Southern California have also experienced a streak of record breaking low temperatures during the course of the past week. Eastern sections of Washington and Oregon have been socked in with fog for most of Friday.

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