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Cape Cod Snow and 50-foot surf in N Hawaii!!


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Snow on Cape Cod; damaging surf in Hawaii

7:45 A.M. ET 12/15/2004


B. Bernard, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



The snow in the Northeast and Appalachians has generally dwindled to scattered flurries, but "ocean-effect" snow is coating outer Cape Cod this morning. Two to four inches may accumulate in such locations as Provincetown and Chatham before the activity tapers off this afternoon. Elsewhere in the Lower 48, relatively benign weather prevails, albeit rather cold in the East and South.


Meanwhile, huge, damaging surf is rolling into the Hawaiian Islands from the northwest. Waves are building rapidly this morning, and will reach remarkable (and dangerous) heights of 40 to 50 feet along north-facing shores and 20 to 30 feet along west-facing shores. Coastal roads may experience flooding, and property damage is possible. Moored boats in harbors exposed to the northwest swells could be damaged. Beach goers are urged to stay well away from the surf since the water can rise very rapidly.


In the West, high wind watches have been posted from the Southern California mountains westward in anticipation of Santa Ana winds developing tonight. Gusts could reach 60 mph through passes and canyons late tonight.

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