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RECORD SNOWS in Ohio Valley!!!


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Snow ending, but turning colder

11:00 A.M. ET 12/23/2004


Matthew Newman, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Up to 29 inches of snow fell across southern Indiana along a corridor that left between 1 and 2 feet from the lower half of the Ohio Valley to the western half of Lake Erie. Records have been smashed across the region, where places like Dayton, Ohio have set new records for 24-hour and storm total with 16 inches. Meanwhile, up to 5 inches of sleet fell across the western central portions of Kentucky with up to an inch of freezing rain from Bardstown to Bowling Green. The interstates and secondary roads are impassable in this region and some people have been stranded in their cars for more than 12 hours. Now that the storm has passed by, cold winds will blow over the Great Lakes cranking up the lake-effect snow machine. Gusty winds will also cause blowing and drifting. To make matters worse, much colder air will funnel into the region and last for several days.


Meanwhile, the storm is moving into the Northeast today where the air is mild and the result will be primarily a windswept rain. Up to two inches of rain locally are possible and with that comes the threat for flooding.


Elsewhere, high pressure will be building across the Great Basin enhancing the offshore winds across Southern California. That's right...the Santa Ana winds will be whipping through valleys in the 60 to 80 mph range. High wind warnings are currently in effect.

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