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HEAVY RAINS in California


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Heavy rain looms for Southern California

2:05 P.M. ET 12/27/2004


B. Bernard, Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Heavy rain has been pounding northern and central California today and is now targeting Southern California. Flood watches already are posted for much of the southern part of the state where up to 10 (locally 12) inches could splash down in some mountain locations through tomorrow. The rain will spread into the L. A. area this afternoon and San Diego tonight. (See National Forecast for additional details.) In the meantime, over 4 inches of rain have fallen in the northern part of the Sacramento Valley, and the rain will continue through the afternoon. In some of the higher elevations surrounding the western and northern sides of valley, winter storm warnings are posted for locations above 2500 feet. Up to 2 feet of snow could pile up above 4000 feet by tomorrow morning.


In the Northeast, the snowstorm that buried southeastern Massachusetts with up to a foot and a half of snow (Brewster, on Cape Cod) is virtually over. The storm left up to a foot in the Boston area (Peabody) and just over a foot on Nantucket Island.

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