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Soggy in the South......


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West Texas snow, east Texas rain

8:43 P.M. ET 1/31/2005


Anthony Diaz, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Foggy conditions in the Midwest will be the most immediate threat. Warm temperature, high dew points and lingering snow cover will induce the fog event from Minnesota to the Red River Valley. Visibilities will decrease throughout the overnight hours into Tuesday morning. The rising sun will help to break up the widespread fog area, but patchy dense fog will be a problem even into the afternoon hours on Tuesday. Use extra precautions when traveling through this area.


The threat of precipitation on Tuesday will be confined to the Southern tier of states from New Mexico to Florida. An upper-level disturbance and intruding cold air will be the setup for significant snow from southern New Mexico to west Texas. Winter storm warnings are in effect as the area could see anywhere from four to ten inches of snow. The threat of snow expands into the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex late Tuesday.


East of the snow, a significant rain event will continue from south Texas to Mobile Bay. Heavy rain associated with the occasional thunderstorm is forecasted for most of the South with the greatest concentration from the I-10 corridor to the Gulf Coast. The potential for a significant amount of rain in a short period of time has prompted the postings of various inland and coastal flood watches for this area. This will continue for the next several days as an area of low pressure develops in the western Gulf and moves across the Southeast by midweek.

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